Technique or Match Play?

I find that the majority of cricket coaching tends to take place in a net environment where the bowler works on technical aspects of their game. This generally includes some drills and target practice bowling at a set area on the floor or sometimes bowling at a batsman, who plays shots without consequence. There is never too much emphasis on tactical development, which clearly would improve a bowlers knowledge on how they might bowl differently to a certain batsman and what types of field placements they could employ. I personally think ‘match play’ and the whole game awareness is just as important as the technical side of the game. This component of the game is crucial for holistic development. My young spin bowlers at Nottinghamshire are forever seeking information and are always asking me when I’m bowling, why to certain changes in field placements when we are in the nets or having ‘middle practice’. The batsmen are equally inquisitive, wanting to know how I am trying to get them out and why I might leave a gap in the field for them to try and hit. The winter nets and facilites do not generally allow us to open a net up to simulate a match situation but the summer is the perfect time to cut a wicket and have a ‘spin day’ where you can come and learn about this side of the game.

A spin match, whereby each bowler would get to bowl 10-15 overs in a game situation, would help players gain an understanding of different field settings, the different lines and variations to different batsmen and the tactical elements needed to control a batsman in any given situation. My role would see me at the bowlers end passing on my experiences as the game is in progress.

Also, experiencing batting against a turning ball will help you  understand what batsmen see when they are facing you and help develop an understanding of where your scoring shot might be.  Can you rotate strike and do you know where your boundary option is?

SpinScience® is planning a spin match in the near future with a clear goal of helping young spin bowlers develop their game awareness and matchplay.

Please leave a message on the contact form if you are interested, not forgetting your name, age and location.