SpinClinic Cricket Coaching Services – Online and Interactive!

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SpinClinic Coaching services give you the option of 1:1 interaction with me, via the latest online conferencing system software. Connection is easy with most devices that can go online – computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

In a fast paced world with logistical challenges it is not always possible or realistic to have that specialist 1:1 net session to improve your spin bowling as you would like. Spin Clinic offers the next best thing. In this new digital age it is now possible, via a live conferencing platform, to have an interactive coaching session from the comfort of your armchair with me to analyse your action and discuss all your spin bowling needs.

Once you have uploaded a video of yourself bowling, I will analyse your action using the latest analysis software. Along with the video analysis, using my experience and knowledge from 20 plus years in the first class game, I will then recommend technical points where I think you can improve your bowling.

This unique service offers much more than just a written report. A mentor is equally important as a coach and I will be providing that level of service whereby I will guide you and answer all your questions relating to spin bowling whether it be field settings and mental preparation. As a Chartered Physiotherapist I can even also with physical preparation such as training habits and specific exercises for strengthening and injury prevention.

Spin bowling can be a lonely place and I often found myself alone with not too many people to talk to who understood fully how I was feeling. I want to be there for bowlers as a personal mentor, to offer advice and guidance every step of the way.

Health and Fitness with a SpinClinic Personal Trainer

In an era where fitness, lifestyle and nutrition is extremely important in cricket, Spin Clinic also has its very own experienced Personal Trainer. Andrea can provide you with all your training programs and dietary advice, which will be bespoke to your individual needs.