Paul Horton, Lancashire CCC opening batsman

Spin Bowling Masterclass


Specialist 1:1 spin bowling  coaching

Specialist 1:1 spin bowling

When? October 3rd & 10th, 10am-12pm & 1pm-3pm

Where? Total Cricket, Ashton under Lyne

What? 2 hour Spin Bowling Masterclass

What’s it like to face Gary Keedy?

What’s it like to bowl at Steven Mullaney of Nottinghamshire and Paul Horton of Lancashire?

Come and enjoy a rare opportunity to test your skills against seasoned first class batsmen and spin bowlers as well as receiving specialist coaching on how to bat against spin and how to bowl spin. Listen to the professionals talk about how they combat a spinning ball and how they look to bowl at players in certain scenarios. An interactive session where you can pick the brains of these top players and get the chance to test your skills against them.

This Masterclass is perfect for all spin bowlers wanting to gain a real understanding of what happens at first class level in terms of mental preparation, game plans and how they go about executing their skills.

Book on a 7 week spin bowling course* (Nov 5th- Dec 17th) running at any Spin Science venue before the end of July and receive a 50% (£25) discount on the October masterclass.

*the 7 week course is £40 per 2 hour session which will focus on a similar theme to last year including technical, tactical and physical aspects of spin bowling.

The discount on the masterclass also applies if any block 1:1 coaching sessions are booked. Please email for further details.

*dates and venue could change