Lancashire CCC pre season training 2008, Rivington Pike.

Is it possible to get more out of your cricket pre season training?

As a professional spin bowler with years of experience, I would say to anyone who wants to improve their game, that it is important to have a holistic program in place which covers all aspects of the modern game of cricket.

Physical fitness (including an understanding what your body is capable of) and making sure you have the basic technical foundations in place, are the key elements to work on.

It is possible to affect the development of a young spinner in a positive way with a ‘train like a pro’ program (ie the kind of coaching offered by SpinScience).

Coaching gives me the chance to share and pass on my knowledge and experience to young spinners, helping them grow in confidence and avoid the pitfalls that can blight their game.

Photo: Lancashire CCC pre season training 2008, Rivington Pike. A good base fitness always served me well for long bowling spells during the season.

Copyright: Paul Heyes, Manchester Evening News, Tuesday December 4th, 2007.