In a fast paced world with logistical challenges a specialist 1:1 net session to improve your spin bowling is not always possible to arrange, especially at short notice.

SpinClinic offers the next best thing, interactive online cricket coaching using the latest conferencing system software.

All Online Sessions are with Gary Keedy, Professional County Cricketer and Spin Bowling Coach

When you book an interactive meeting with Gary, you have the opportunity to make personal contact with a mentor that can help you with the physical and mental challenges you face as a spin bowler and cricket team member.

As a Chartered Physiotherapist, Gary Keedy is qualified to advise you on physical preparation, training habits and specific exercises for strengthening and injury prevention.

Choose the SpinClinic Coaching service that suits your needs

You can book a ‘one-off Online Session’ or go for a ‘Spin Bowling Video Analysis and Report Plus 15 mins Online Session’ – or ask for a tailor made package to deliver a series of Online Sessions with continued remote support – all with Gary Keedy.

SpinClinic Cricket Coaching Services – Online and Interactive!

An interactive meeting can be held in any location, so wherever you are, at home, in a hotel room, it can go ahead scheduled for a time convenient for you.

‘Spin bowling can be a lonely place with not many people to talk to who understood fully how you feel . . . I want to be there for bowlers as a personal mentor, to offer advice and guidance every step of the way.’

Gary Keedy

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